Case: The internet of things: from networked objects to ubiquitous computing

Case: The internet of things: from networked objects to ubiquitous computing
In this week I have study the case of the internet of things from networked objects to ubiquitous computing. What the reason to make human now these so reliable to internet? Is that internet is so important?
Internet is a very strong influent and brings unlimited benefit to human. Honestly without internet human have extra thing to do with. Example like you wants to send a Christmas card to your relative or cousins, such an easy way by use internet and whatsapp, viber, talkbox, imessage or even more apps on the latest smart phone which can installed and it save a lot of men power, compare to last time we want to deliver a message need to spend time to write and send it to post office, wait for a couple of day then we only can received the mail. It is wasting time and men power. We shall remain the life of internet because the life with internet really convenient to us. We communicated with family or friends in foreign country through skype or msn, and the main thing through all those function is all free. Human always likes Free of charge (FOC).
The main reason the internet is so important because human demand it. If human refuse to use it then the technology wouldn’t be advance. And I believe human always won’t refuse on it, because internet brings lot of advantages for us.

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DIGC202: Face book and Twitter are just Places Revolutionaries Go

As we know the most popular social media web side in this moment is face book, and tweeters. We like to share knowledge, gossip, chat, see pictures, watch video, update friends status, all we can get through from that particular social media web side. Let’s back to last time, did our grandparents did that? They enjoyed watching video? They like to sharing stuff? They are not because in that time they don’t have so advance technology, instead they also won’t share anything to their neighbor or friends because what in their mind set is they only will keep all the good knowledge to their own son. But fortunately the society is no longer been narrow minded, we have face book, you tube, tweet, blogs, and etc. and all of it can help us to observe more and more knowledge and the main thing is we can share, everyone will see, everyone learn the same thing, and it is been fair to all people.
And the face book is so influential to youngster in this generation, a day at least will spend 2 hour on face book. This is what young teenager does, face book link to a lot of others functions, games, video, music, news and etc.
Twitters, is the social web page for friends who like to write short and critical message. Twitter is very useful social web page, because the apps are all for words, if we want to improve our writhing skill you may go apply for one account, and it is free. For my own experience I have participate for a protest in Malaysia which is (Bersih), and I have been use my tweet to go to the protest location gathering. Twitter have help me lot because people are twitting on the (Bersih) show how to go to the location.
Conclusion face book and twitter is very important in this moment, it brings entertainment and it also brings lot of good for us.

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Based on this article about Weblogs, it is stated that publishers who uses Weblogs are unable to earn any financial reward. This is because, it is such an efficient tool for distributing the written word that they make publishing a financially worthless activity. Besides that, they have the thought that since weblog now make publishing easy, the barriers of becoming a professional writer would be lowered. In actual fact, it is creating a mass amateurization because a professional class implies a minority of members.
Weblogs have destroyed the intrinsic value of the tradisional publishing because it does not take hard work and money to publish to wide range of audiences. Not only does weblogs destroy intrinsic value, it also affects extrinsic value as well. Extrinsic value can be seen as an indicator of quality because publisher would have to convince others in investing a high price for it. One way to restore print economics is by creating an artificial scarcity where readers can’t read if they do not pay. But this would be hard to do since weblog has made it so easy to publish that there are abundant of free publish.
But the majority of weblogs are just amateur and will stay amateur. Most of them just do it for the joy of it and their readers are mostly just a small group of people like their friends. This is mass amateurization, where the reward comes from participating in the conversation.

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Against the law: intellectual property and content control

Intellectual property and content control
This week in class, we learnt about against the law: intellectual property and content control. This week reading is based on In Free Culture: How Big Media uses Technology and the Law to Lock Down Culture and Strangle Creativity by Lessig. In the 16th century, people do not have accesses or the right tools to copy things therefore there was no copyright. Before copyright, the nation of property relate only to scared resources. Nobody have ownership to anything, it is their culture. People only have ownership to lands. Anyone could freely copy, modify, or sell content created by other, in other words, creators have no property claims and ideas were consider as public commons. For that period, there is no laws against copy right, it is legal to do with copy and paste for anything. Hence at that period the people are willing to sharing their own idea for the other people. But that is few decade ago, for now if who are trying to do the copy others people work and paste it as their own work. They will definitely got sue or involve in crime case.
We can see through the society now, and that is always got similar brand name appear in the world. In china, we can really see lot of the shop is having a similar name but different words. Examples like the famous fast food restaurant KFC, as we know KFC is the KFC, known as Kentucky Fried Chicken, is a chain of fast food restaurants based in Louisville, Kentucky. In the midst of the depression, Harland Sanders who was born just outside Henryville (Indiana), opens his first restaurant in the small front room of a gas station in Corbin, Kentucky. Sanders serves as station operator, chief cook and cashier and names the dining area “Sanders Court & Café.” In 1936, Kentucky Governor Ruby Laffoon makes Harland Sanders an honorary Kentucky Colonel in recognition of his contributions to the state’s cuisine. The Sanders Court & Café adds a motel and expands the restaurant to 142 seats. In 1952, the Colonel began actively franchising his chicken business by traveling from town to town and cooking batches of chicken for restaurant owners and employees and awarded Pete Harman of Salt Lake City with the first KFC franchise. In 1957 Kentucky Fried Chicken first sold in buckets.
Images URL :

Images URL:

Based on the two picture we can see the law of copy right is didn’t take as serious in china, because there is lot others brand in china doing the same thing as this KFG restaurant.
At the same time we can also see the smart phone like Apple and Android. Both of this company is complain they are copying each other’s idea and design of their product. As we know there is having court case in between each others, because we can read the online article, tweet, face book, blogs, and etc of the shared by the online journalist.
The same case in art, the well known of the cartoon brand Disney.
The public domain in 1928 was not very old and was quite vibrant at that time. The average term of copyright was just around thirty years—for that minority of creative work that was in fact copy-righted and that means for thirty years, on average, the authors or copyright holders of a creative work had an “exclusive right” to control certain uses of the work. Copyrighted works are used in limited ways and required the permission of the copyright owner. In the nineteenth century, most of the content was free for Disney to use and build upon in 1928.
At the last point , the original owner of any brand will feel very insecure because want to make a brand famous in the world is not easy, there is go through lot of investment and put a lot of time and hard work to make a brand succeed and famous. That why the laws of copy right has been created, there is not one willing to share their hard work especially toward those big companies.

Elogiboyau 2009, KFC chicken in france, accessed 13 september 2012,

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This week topic: Liquir Labour

This week study, title is Liquid Labour. What is Liquid Labour based on the class lectures and my own understanding is about, contemporary cultures of human in the work place and it also can define as a lifestyle in these moments. Human life is overwhelming by Global network, examples of involving social media in our daily life or (liquid life), doesn’t matter for who, where, what, when, and how. The trend now these are all about face book, blogs, twitter, YouTube and etc. People are very fascinated too all this soft way and social application in their smart phone, it really make human can explore them self and get an information at the quick time, especially white-collar workers they can’t stop accessing their smart phone during on work, and this is call work style for now these. And the liquid has become connotation in our daily life, everything of the sources it come from internet, and we cannot live without internet.

Indeed work is play a very important roles for an human kind, and because the technology is keep on moving forward, and also work comes in different shape and size, make that human kind have to put lot of hard work on their work place to gain a good impression to their employers. Simultaneously, when human come to this plight, automatically will feel stress up and tired, so need something to refreshing their mind and reduce this kind of stress and tiredness. Media is the best choice to assist human kind, example like music, game, short film, which can help to reduce our stress and tired for our physically and mentally. So that media always is the mainstream of our society, hence the consumptive of media now these are very high, the sphere in modern city it cannot without media, because media it helps up to get the latest update and information in the fastest time.

In the conclusion the liquid life has been make our contemporary life become more obvious in improving than last time. It really shown a very big different than past ten years, now these everything is go through Internet. And the significant point is liquid life is affecting to our social, technological and economical change.


Deuze, M.(2006) ‘Liquid Life, Convergence Culture, and Media Work’. [URL:

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Welcome to Cyberspace.


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Hello there, this week we are discuss about a topic of Cyberspace.
According to Chip Morningstar and F. Randall Farmer, cyberspace is defined more by the social interactions involved rather than its technical implementation. In their view, the computational medium in cyberspace is an augmentation of the communication channel between real people; the core characteristic of cyberspace is that it offers an environment that consists of many participants with the ability to affect and influence each other. They derive this concept from the observation that people seek richness, complexity, and depth within a virtual world.

Cyberspace been appearing since 1982. Cyberspace. A consensual hallucination experienced daily by billions of legitimate operators, in every nation, by children being taught mathematical concepts.

And now the cyberspace has been involve to our life style, you can see the movies now these on cinema. There show a l0t very strong and intelligent computer assisting human to computing or controlling stuff. From that we can see our future Cyberspace is how strong, human are living without cyberspace.

Compare in the past decade and now, we already can see clearly how strong about cyberspace is it. From last time what we use to be is just hanging out, movie, drink, cinema, and plenty of outdoor activities. Till now what we can see is beside going out side we all use to have one smart phone and that particular tool was keep been used when we are awake. For? checking Face Book, up Date twitters, check info, and so and so.

Let’s check to this LINK and watch the video. how scary was it if the technology improve likes.

video URL:

I found the video very interesting so you guys can go watch it out. There is about the future of cyberspace.

There is no longer a complicated furniture inside your room, what you need is just a very intelligent and greatest soft way. Perhaps human are smart to create new things, but the new thing is have no emotional. They will just shown up what they have been set up only.


Dyson, E., Gilder, G., Keyworth, G., Toffler, A.(1994) Cyberspace and the America Dream: A Magna Carta for the Knowledge Age[URL:
video URL:

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DIGC 202: The history of Internet

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  The internet was visionary thinking by people in the early of 1960s, which saw great potential value in allowing computers to share information on research and development in scientific and military fields.

According to Bruce Sterling(1993),” Researchers were using ARPANET to collaborate on projects, to trade notes on work, and eventually, to down right gossip and schmooze. People had their own personal user accounts on the ARPANET computers, and their own personal addresses for electronic mail.”

Before the internet started to access in computers, actually there’s a first invention on earth that cause the internet now can easily access. If there is no this sources of network systems, then human life will be so different now. The invention of ‘Telegraph’, which is appear and established during the ‘Civil War’ and for the military men to communication and commanding the way of the war. After the Telegraph appears the war is changing the way or war. And inventors also created new invention of weapons and submarine, which help to fight the war. Meanwhile the weapons and submarine is contained with the telegraph and particular system, so that military men can detect enemy easily.

And telegraph has change lot to the earth, before this human keen to sending a message for a others parties who in a long distance, the only way is to delivery is by using a pigeon messenger and horses horse messenger, which mean a men who delivery letters by riding a horse. Telegraph changing and convenient human, by using nodes and it can send the message to a long distance place to replace the pigeon or horse messenger. By using pigeon and horse messenger the delivery time will take a long time and it no guarantee to successfully to send out the message. Let’s talk about Pigeon messenger, it will face the predator in sky or attacked by others animals. By the technology was improving human are not less used pigeon as a delivery messenger. Telegraph takes over the place, because it is faster than the old ways. Of course the charging costs of the telegraph are higher than the older ways. This can cost 10 words in 100 dollars in that time. Telegraph system was built in post office, and the workers must be able to have a strong knowledge and good heard to help the city controlled all the message delivery. Form the lectures I found the history of internet are so amaze, because there is a lot of invention by those greatest inventors, slowly improving from telegraph to telephone and cell phone, and it really help human to get the information in the fastest way by just click and type the words on certain web side then will get the sources form internet. I very appreciate the inventors whom created telegraph, if there is no telegraph appears our life will definitely different from now.

References :

Sterling, B. (1993) ‘A Short of the Internet’, The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction [URL:



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